Friday, January 20, 2012

A new update

I haven't been posting because I have been stitching.  I finished a exchange project (I don't want to put up a picture of it here until after the exchange), I made my first Granny Square baby blanket, and started a second Granny Square baby Blanket.  Phew!!

Here is the completed Granny Square baby blanket.

This is the Red Heart yarn.  It was so pretty, but I really like Caron much better.  So I am using Caron Simply Soft in Country Peach and Off White for the next blanket.  I have about half of the squares done. 

I am thinking about making some crafts and getting a table at a craft show in the Fall.  I could use some extra money for my homeschool.  I figured a couple baby blankets, and lots of small things like ornaments, coasters, and the like.  What do you suggest??


  1. Such a lovely baby blanket and so pretty!
    I love to crochet them too.

  2. Oh that is very pretty!!!!!!!!!

    Just wish I could post pictures but thanks to my phone no longer working properly, I shall just need to save everything up and post it all at once *G*

  3. Beautiful blanket. I just finished wash clothes using the granny square pattern. I love it ,it's so easy

  4. I really love the colors of this pretty...

  5. Your blanket is really pretty. When we did some research on what is best to make for fairs, the top sellers were anything for babies or ladies. Do you have any crochet flower patterns? My daughter did some with the local school colors and mounted them on pins. They were a big hit. Crochet purses are something else we saw that sent well, hope that helps.
    Mrs. J.